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May 14, 2024Project Spotlight

Philadelphia Cricket Club

Philadelphia Cricket Club

Philadelphia Cricket Club Founded in 1854, The Philadelphia Cricket Club is one of America’s foremost private, family-oriented, full-service country clubs. As the nation’s oldest country club, it boasts a rich heritage in athletics and is dedicated to providing its members, families, and friends with exceptional recreational and social experiences. Recently, the club collaborated with EwingCole and fabricator Boyertown Planing Mill on a master planning process aimed at enhancing its St. Martins campus. A key objective of the master plan was to elevate the dining experience at the St. Martins Club House, encourage social interaction among members, and expand the dining and bar seating capacity. To achieve a more relaxed and open floor plan, the team removed walls around the central bar, incorporating woven wire mesh to increase natural light ...

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April 22, 2024Project Spotlight

Mercer Island Cabinetry

Mercer Island Cabinetry This exquisite full-house remodel merges a feature-heavy addition with a reimagined floor plan to create an expansive main home and a stunning accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Focused on functionality, designers at Model Remodel added hundreds of square feet of new living space, a full-remodeled ADU, a new kitche...

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April 8, 2024Project Spotlight

Ilona Rose House

Ilona Rose House Ilona Rose House is a dynamic mixed-use development crafted by Soho Estates, offering a blend of office spaces, retail outlets along Charing Cross Road, and an inviting public courtyard adorned with restaurant and bar amenities. With a vision to imbue every corner of the building with warmth, vibrancy, and a reflection...

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March 26, 2024Project Spotlight

Blending History with Modern Flair: The Stratton House

Blending History with Modern Flair: The Stratton House Resonate Interior Architecture, a leading firm renowned for its innovative designs, embarked on a remarkable journey to breathe new life into a Grade II listed building in Green Park, London. The once tired and run-down commercial space awaited a transformation that would elevate i...

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March 19, 2024Project Spotlight

Exploring Tiered Wire Mesh Ceiling Feature

Rawda's Tiered Woven Wire Mesh Ceiling Feature Rawda, a suburban gem nestled in the Capital Governorate of Kuwait, embodies a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. From its lush greenery to its vibrant community spirit, Rawda offers a delightful living environment for its residents. Among its architectural wonders lies a strikin...

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February 28, 2024Project Spotlight

Velonetic Hub at Lloyd’s of London Building

Velonetic Hub at Lloyd's of London Building Situated on the fourth floor of the Grade 1 listed Lloyd's Building, Velonetic stands as a captivating presence in a location steeped in historical significance. The Lloyd's Building, renowned for its distinctive architecture, provides an unparalleled backdrop for this forward-thinking hub. B...

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February 16, 2024Project Spotlight

Saudi Arabia Residential Basement

Saudi Arabia Residential Basement When it comes to home design, basements often present unique challenges. They can be dark, cramped, and sometimes overlooked. However, basements can transform into functional and inviting spaces with creativity and the right materials. The family in this residence expressed a safety concern for their c...

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February 5, 2024Project Spotlight

The Metworks Building

The Metworks Building Access Creative College The Metworks building in London was first constructed in 2006 and was recently renovated from an old accommodation space into a cutting-edge creative college. The old, outdated building is now home to one of the largest creative colleges for young adults in the United Kingdom. The college i...

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January 25, 2024Project Spotlight

American Express Centurion Lounge

American Express Centurion Lounge American Express, a renowned global financial services company, is celebrated for its commitment to providing exceptional experiences for premium card members. To create a haven of luxury for Platinum and Centurion cardholders, American Express introduced the Centurion Lounge concept of exclusive space...

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January 17, 2024Project Spotlight

Hook + Line

Hook + Line Located in Boston's Seaport District, with a rich history of shipping and fishing, Tom Schlesinger's latest restaurant, Hook + Line, draws inspiration from the surrounding neighborhood. Designed by the team at RUHL | JAHNES Architects, the design sets out to mirror the Seaport District's history and the seafood restaurant's...

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January 5, 2024Project Spotlight

Astra at The St. Regis

Astra at The St. Regis The St. Regis San Francisco's signature fine dining restaurant, Astra, offers guests a luxury experience. Astra embodies extraordinary hospitality with modern-day sophistication and represents the epitome of northern California luxury expressed through local and cultural references. Designed by London-based desig...

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December 12, 2023Project Spotlight

Lincoln Park Home

Lincoln Park Home The interiors at this Lincoln Park residence exude refined sophistication and timeless design. The experience begins at the illuminated foyer cabinet, where tasteful lighting sets the tone for a warm welcome. Adding an extra layer of elegance, the design team at Inspired Interiors incorporated Banker Wire's 3DZ-151...

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December 6, 2023Project Spotlight

House of Reflection

House of Reflection An old and outdated 1980s house in the heart of Notting Hill, London, was converted into a stunning new build to create a unique space for the client to call home. Working closely with Amron Architectural, Banker's representative in the UK, the Banker Wire IPZ-62 brass wire mesh was manufactured to be installed in...

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November 7, 2023Project Spotlight

Open Concept Staircase

A compartmentalized 1960s home was overdue for an update, and the team from Model Remodel got to designing the flow of the kitchen and main floor. The homeowners received a modernized kitchen, additional storage, and a repositioned basement stairway that is now a beautiful architectural feature. During discussions about traffic flow, it was determined that […]

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October 30, 2023Project Spotlight

Welded Wire Fencing for the Home

A private homeowner, who is also a professional architect, wanted a low-maintenance fencing system that wouldn’t rot or need painting every few years. They also wanted to use architecturally attractive materials that were durable to match their mid-century modern style home. The fencing fabric was also very important to be balanced visually with the beautiful […]

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October 23, 2023Project Spotlight

Buffalo Wing Factory

Within Buffalo Wing Factory’s latest location in Leesburg, Virginia, the design team selected Banker Wire’s Delta 24RG balanced spiral weave pattern in stainless steel as a space divider behind the main hosting station. The scalable, flexible wire mesh is comprised of a spiral that is formed at a specific pitch and a crimped rod coinciding […]

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October 18, 2023Project Spotlight

Pikes Peak

The Pikes Peak Complex Summit Visitor’s Center is a groundbreaking architectural project in the Colorado mountains that spans an impressive 38,000 square feet. The Pikes Peak Complex Summit project aims to create a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional visitor center embedded into the southeast side of Colorado’s iconic Pikes Peak. Rather than appearing as a […]

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September 21, 2023Project Spotlight

The Green House

LIC was long renowned as the only site of terracotta production in the entirety of New York City, with the nearby New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Works building built in 1892. To commemorate this, the building’s facade is adorned with vibrant British racing green terracotta, fabricated in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. This contemporary glazed terracotta façade contrasts with […]

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July 20, 2023Project Spotlight

Catch Steak Incorporates Banker Wire in their Vibrant Atmosphere

Catch Steak is a high-end restaurant that serves premium steak and seafood dishes in a stylish and trendy setting. The restaurant is renowned for its vibrant ambiance, modern decor, and celebrity clientele. Catch Steak is known for incorporating unique flavors and presentations that appeal to customers looking for a luxurious dining experience. Catch Steak is […]

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