The foundation of Banker Wire’s success is its commitment to an efficient and well organized manufacturing process. The scrap generated in the manufacture of woven and welded wire mesh is calculated and intentional as a result of this heightened efficiency. Manufacturing responsibly reduces waste, reduces cost and sustains the product’s utility in architecture as well as industrial use for generations to come.


As a manufacturer of metal woven wire mesh fabrics, we use very little energy. The process is entirely cold-forming, using machines with the latest variable speed technology. Our plant and offices are illuminated with natural daylight and energy efficient fluorescent lighting. The various wire alloys used in our woven and welded wire mesh products contain high level percentages of Pre and Post-Consumer scrap.

With Steel being the most efficient and commonly recycled material, the percentages average within 80-85% post-consumer and 13-18% pre-consumer content. The average recycled content of the Stainless Steel wire used at Banker Wire is at 90% with 80% of that being post-consumer and 20% being from pre-consumer. Less than 5% of the wire we use becomes scrap and every bit is recycled through a recycling protocol integrated into every step of Banker’s production process.

We are proud that our local recycling company is ISO 14001 certified. This guarantees our waste metal is handled in a manner that respects the environment.

LEED Credits

Our products can help earn LEED certification by contributing to the following credits in LEED 2009 for New Construction and Major Renovation:

SS 8 – Light Pollution Reduction
Banker Wire mesh can help filter the effects of lighting at night. Mesh screens are particularly useful when used as shading devices for facilities that operate 24 hours a day, such as parking garages and factories.

EA 1 – Optimize Energy Performance
Banker Wire mesh can be used as a sunshade on building facades, thus decreasing the amount of air conditioning required to cool spaces.

MR 4 – Recycled Content
The post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled content of Banker Wire mesh helps contribute to securing this credit.

MR 5 – Regional Materials
Banker Wire is located in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, which is within a 500-mile radius of such cities as Milwaukee, Chicago, Toronto, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland, Nashville and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Specifying Banker Wire products for a project within the 500-mile radius will contribute towards the Regional Materials credit.