Banker Wire brass metal mesh for outdoor panels for residential use.

House of Reflection

An old and outdated 1980s house in the heart of Notting Hill, London, was converted into a stunning new build to create a unique space for the client to call home. Working closely with Amron Architectural, Banker’s representative in the UK, the Banker Wire IPZ-62 brass wire mesh was manufactured to be installed in bespoke frames. The architects at Amron requested an unfinished brass material for the external woven mesh panels. This design choice was made to allow the panels to gracefully patina over time, bestowing the building with an enchanting, aged look. 

The patina is the result of the bare brass reacting with the surrounding environment in the UK, such as oxygen and moisture levels. This oxidation process gives the brass mesh a darker and duller appearance, changing from its original shiny golden color. Jonathan Reed, Managing Director at Amron, explained, “The exterior roof lantern, enveloped in our Banker Wire IPZ-62 woven mesh with its brass finish, exudes an aura of timeless beauty and charm. As the panels gradually patina, they continue to tell a story of ageless elegance, adding character and uniqueness to the building”.

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IPZ-62 is a dense and lively intercrimp/plain architectural wire mesh weave that can add a visual of unique texture to any design space.

Banker Wire brass metal mesh for outdoor panels for residential use.
Woven Wire Mesh in Brass showing Natural Patina over time
Banker Wire brass metal mesh for outdoor panels for residential use.

Simon Graham, Director at Yard Architects, says, “We worked with the team at Amron to develop detailed designs for panels which could be removable and were very finely detailed, with an almost invisible frame which we wanted.”

The brass metal mesh was not limited to just the exterior design alone. The design team utilized the same IPZ-62 woven mesh throughout the property, with a large single triangular balustrade stair panel creating a seamless exterior and interior design transition. 

Photography: Richard Chivers
Designers: Amron Architectural
Contractors: Yard Architects & Miles Builders

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