Stainless Steel and Brass LHZ-1 Woven Wire Mesh as Space Dividers in Luxury Hotel

Blending History with Modern Flair: The Stratton House

Resonate Interior Architecture, a leading firm renowned for its innovative designs, embarked on a remarkable journey to breathe new life into a Grade II listed building in Green Park, London. The once tired and run-down commercial space awaited a transformation that would elevate its stature and redefine its essence.

Embracing the challenge, the team at Resonate Interior Architecture set out to seamlessly marry historic charm with contemporary functionality. Collaborating closely with Amron Architectural, Banker Wire’s UK representative, the team worked on a restoration that would honor the building’s heritage and infuse it with modern allure.

A standout feature emerged from this teamwork – incorporating Banker Wire’s LHZ-1 woven wire metal mesh panels in the reception area. This strategic choice not only enhanced the visual appeal of the reception space but also forged a connection to the building’s storied past. Crafted from stainless steel and brass, the LHZ-1 woven wire mesh exudes a sense of luxury while offering durability and aesthetic finesse to the reception panels.

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The LHZ-1 uses lock crimp warp wires provide the stability while the helical fill wires meander in and out and side to side.

Stainless Steel and Brass LHZ-1 Woven Wire Mesh as Space Dividers in Luxury Hotel
Stainless Steel and Brass LHZ-1 Woven Wire Mesh as Space Dividers in Luxury Hotel
Stainless Steel and Brass LHZ-1 Woven Wire Mesh as Space Dividers in Luxury Hotel

Banker Wire’s LHZ-1 metal mesh emerged as the ideal choice for its versatility, seamlessly blending strength with an elegant aesthetic. The interplay between stainless steel and brass elements created a captivating visual narrative, embodying the designer’s dedication to crafting spaces that are as functional as they are visually captivating.

The revitalized commercial building now stands as a testament to this collaborative effort, offering tenants an experience that surpasses expectations. With a carefully curated fusion of historic grandeur and modern sophistication, the space exudes a unique and inviting atmosphere, inviting exploration and engagement.

In the heart of Green Park, London, a historic landmark has been reborn, thanks to the visionary efforts of Resonate Interior Architecture, Amron Architectural, and Banker Wire. This transformation serves as a reminder of the power of design to transcend time and breathe new life into cherished spaces.

Designer: Resonate Interior Architecture
UK Representative: Amron Architectural

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