S-40 Woven Wire Mesh in Plated Satin Brass for Staircase Space Divider

Saudi Arabia Residential Basement

When it comes to home design, basements often present unique challenges. They can be dark, cramped, and sometimes overlooked. However, basements can transform into functional and inviting spaces with creativity and the right materials. The family in this residence expressed a safety concern for their children and needed a solution for their staircase. The goal for this Saudi Arabian home was to create a solution that addressed safety concerns and added a touch of modernity to the basement.

The inspiration for using the Banker S-40 woven wire mesh lies in its versatility and visual appeal. Here’s how it aligns with the theme of the area:

  • Modern Design: Wire mesh is inherently contemporary. Its clean lines and geometric patterns evoke a sense of modern design. By incorporating it into the basement, the designer brings a fresh aesthetic to the space.
  • Warmth: Despite its industrial connotations, wire mesh can be surprisingly warm with the appropriate material or secondary finish. Paired with other natural materials like wood, it helps soften the overall look of the interior design. In this case, matching the Satin Brass finish of the metal mesh with the ceiling wood adds warmth and elegance.

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The large open area of this mesh lends itself well millwork and railings. This mesh pattern can be woven in a wide range of primary finishes along with a number of secondary finishes.

S-40 Woven Wire Mesh in Plated Satin Brass for Staircase Space Divider
S-40 Woven Wire Mesh in Plated Satin Brass for Staircase Space Divider
S-40 Woven Wire Mesh in Plated Satin Brass for Staircase Space Divider

The primary problem wire mesh solves for our customers is staircase safety while allowing visibility. As the children grow up, they become more curious and adventurous. The wire mesh serves as a protective barrier, preventing accidental falls and allowing lower floor visibility. Parents can keep an eye on their little explorers without compromising safety. The designer ingeniously uses the mesh to close off the staircase area. Instead of bulky walls or traditional railings, the see-through nature of wire mesh maintains an open feel. It creates a sense of spaciousness even in a confined basement. The wire mesh continues upward, mirroring the wooden ceiling beams. The contrast between the warm wood and the cool metal adds visual interest. The S-40 woven wire mesh design is simple yet effective. It doesn’t overpower the space but rather enhances it. Light filters through, creating intriguing patterns on the floor below.

Wire mesh isn’t just for industrial settings—it has found its way into residential design, especially in basements. By combining safety, aesthetics, and space optimization, the designer has transformed a potentially neglected area into a stylish and secure part of the home.

About Banker Wire
Banker Wire is the world’s leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications. From intricate design highlights in architectural environments to large-scale industrial applications, the company’s scalable operations ensure every mesh job is precisely manufactured according to the specifications of each order. Durable, sustainable, and available in thousands of patterns, wire mesh is the ideal medium to satisfy any project regardless of its function or aesthetic. Founded in 1896, Banker Wire’s state-of-the-art facility in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, employs proprietary equipment and processes refined for over a century, bringing unmatched customization, variety, quality, and service to customers globally.

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