Welded Wire Fencing for the Home

Low-Maintenance and Durable Fencing

October 30, 2023

Banker Wire WDZ-545 Welded Wire Fence for dogs outdoor play area

A private homeowner, who is also a professional architect, wanted a low-maintenance fencing system that wouldn't rot or need painting every few years. They also wanted to use architecturally attractive materials that were durable to match their mid-century modern style home. The fencing fabric was also very important to be balanced visually with the beautiful forestry around their house. The powder-coated WDZ-545 welded wire mesh was the solution they were looking for. This ornamental welded wire mesh creates a stylish pattern to enhance the landscaping of the home, while providing a safe and functional barrier.

The fenced area was designed to keep their four energetic dogs in an area where they could run safely and freely without a leash. The high percentage of open area that the WDZ-545 pattern allows the homeowner to see what the dogs are doing while flowing naturally into the landscape setting. The fencing was installed extremely quickly, with the posts and fencing taking only two and a half days. Recycled polyethylene posts with thick trim pieces to cover the welded wire joints were installed in the yard. The mesh fencing sections were cut to precise lengths and heights by Banker Wire to be easily installed once the fence posts were in place.

The powder-coated WDZ-545 welded wire mesh fencing now provides a low-maintenance and durable playground area for their four dogs. Having a career as a professional architect, our customer stated, "We're pretty picky about quality and fit & finish of things at our house. The powder-coated welded wire fabric fencing met all of those criteria very nicely."

About Banker Wire
Banker Wire is the world's leading woven and welded wire mesh manufacturer for architectural and industrial applications. From intricate design highlights in architectural environments to large-scale industrial applications, the company's scalable operations ensure every mesh job is precisely manufactured according to the specifications of each order. Durable, sustainable, and available in thousands of patterns, wire mesh is the ideal medium to satisfy any project regardless of its function or aesthetic. Founded in 1896, Banker Wire's state-of-the-art facility in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, employs proprietary equipment and processes refined for over a century, bringing unmatched customization, variety, quality, and service to customers globally.

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