TW-1 Woven Wire Mesh in Antique Brass installed as a Ceiling Feature

Rawda’s Tiered Woven Wire Mesh Ceiling Feature

Rawda, a suburban gem nestled in the Capital Governorate of Kuwait, embodies a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. From its lush greenery to its vibrant community spirit, Rawda offers a delightful living environment for its residents. Among its architectural wonders lies a striking feature – the tiered woven wire mesh ceiling feature in the conference room, a testament to the area’s commitment to innovative design and functionality.

At first glance, the conference room’s tiered ceiling captivates with its modern elegance and intricate design. Comprising multiple layers of rectangular shapes, each diminishing in size, this ceiling feature creates a mesmerizing tiered effect. Banker Wires representative in Kuwait, Solid, used the TW-1 woven wire mesh in a plated Antique Brass to add texture to the ceiling feature. Illuminated from the interior, the woven wire mesh exudes luxury and sophistication, allowing light to pass through the pattern. The reflective trim adorning the walls enhances the room’s brightness and spaciousness, completing the aesthetic ensemble.

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Woven on a four heddle loom, the Banker Wire TW-1 architectural wire mesh pattern is our first Twill weave offering. The square twill wire mesh pattern opens the door to a brand new dimension in wire mesh fabrics.

TW-1 Woven Wire Mesh in Antique Brass installed as a Ceiling Feature
TW-1 Woven Wire Mesh in Antique Brass installed as a Ceiling Feature
TW-1 Woven Wire Mesh in Antique Brass installed as a Ceiling Feature

Banker Wire’s fabrication team manipulated the wire mesh after plating to achieve the rounded rectangular effect. By bump-bending the metal mesh on a press brake, the Banker team made a series of small bends adjacent to each other to create a uniform radius as specified in the drawings. Instead of a single large bend, multiple minor bends are made, leaving less noticeable markings on sections of the radius bend and the plated finish.

Rawda’s tiered ceiling feature in the conference room embodies the area’s commitment to innovative design and functional excellence. From its elegant aesthetics to its thoughtful layout, the TW-1 woven wire mesh helps create an environment conducive to productive meetings and collaborative discussions. As Rawda continues to evolve, its architectural landscape remains a testament to the seamless integration of tradition and modernity.

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