9 Barrow Street

A close up of Banker's wire mesh DF-1 in stainless steel as the elevators lower wall panel.

9 Barrow Street

New York City, New York, United States

Products Used

9 Barrow Street stands 8 stories tall in the heart of the West Village of New York City. When tasked with remodeling an elevator servicing all levels of this residential building, the fabricators at United Cabs, Inc. utilized Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern DF-1 as a key design element.

DF-1 clads the lower section of the cab in stainless steel, corresponding with the stainless steel handrails, control panel, ceiling, and angled corner panel. While all of these pieces add a metallic accent to the neutral-toned space, Banker’s wire mesh provides visual interest and depth, emphasized by the bright recessed lighting in the roof of the cab. The many facets defined by the intense lighting compliment the other textures present in the cab; wood grain wall panels and stone patterned flooring.

Though most of the wires in DF-1 run vertically, the metal cladding has a distinct horizontal flow. The opaque weave produces a near flat surface segmented by intermittent indentations, creating deep shadows that accentuate the thicker horizontal wires. The resulting bold lines run parallel to the wood grain of the upper panels, contributing to a cohesive aesthetic throughout the cab.

Project Fabricator:
United Cabs, Inc.
Project Applications:
, Interior Cladding
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