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DesignerUnited CabsApplicationsInterior CladdingLocationNew York, NY, US

589 5th Avenue

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Corporate tenants in 589 5th Avenue, a 17-story mid-century building in Midtown Manhattan, now have new elevator cabs to complement their redesigned corridors and existing lobby. The cabs are clad with Banker Wire mesh, offering a sophisticated look with unmatched durability. For this project, Banker Wire’s DF-6 stainless steel woven metal mesh was the obvious choice.

Three of the four elevators that were redesigned and clad in Banker Wire’s architectural woven wire mesh DF-6 are for passengers, and the fourth elevator is specifically for freight deliveries. DF-6 architectural wire mesh is adept at providing style and durability simultaneously, achieved by alternating the orientation of the flat top cross wires in the DF-6 wire mesh pattern.

In addition, the appearance of Banker Wire’s DF-6 mesh pattern in stainless steel lends modern appeal to the space. DF-6 is a stand-out pattern, utilizing a unique play on a Dutch style weave. The pattern’s opacity changes depending on the viewer’s angle – when viewed straight on, the pattern is completely opaque, but at different angles it becomes more transparent – providing the elevator cabs with a striking and polished focal point. Frosted back-painted glass, LED lights and terrazzo tile complete the striking look of the newly designed elevators.

The project was completed in December 2016.

Banker Wire's DF-6 adds a sophisticated look while still providing durability as elevator cladding.DF-6 is a Banker Wire woven wire mesh pattern that has visual and physical characteristics not duplicated in other patterns. It is a pattern well suited to cladding applications.