RSA Trustmark Building

Modified Stainless and Bronze SZ-4 wire mesh in elevator

RSA Trustmark Building

Mobile, Alabama, United States

Products Used

Several years ago, the RSA Trustmark Building, in the heart of Mobile, Alabama, underwent a $50-million, top-to-bottom renovation. The 34-story building was completely overhauled with the theme of the new renovations paying tribute the famous Mardi Gras tradition in Mobile. The elevators of the building are clad in a customized Bank Wire SZ-4 woven wire mesh.

The SZ-4 wire mesh pattern typically is woven with a stainless steel warp wire and a bronze, copper or brass fill wire at every available intersection. The architect had requested that the amount of bronze be reduced in the overall weave.  It was decided to alternate from bronze and stainless in the fill direction; weaving two stainless for evey one bronze wire.  The result created a subtle hint of bronze in the wire mesh that compliments the vibrant surrounding elements of this elevator cab interior.

Project Architect:
Goodwyn Mills and Cawood
Project Applications:
Art & Signage, Interior Cladding
Building Types:
Government, Office & Workplace

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