Decorative Wire Mesh For Interior Cladding

Adding Texture with Wire Mesh for Interior Cladding

Woven wire mesh for interior cladding applications adds texture detail to the space.

Choosing decorative metal wire mesh for interior cladding creates an unexpected statement in modern interior design. The aesthetic potential is limitless, offering everything from practical wall protection in high traffic areas (like elevators) to ornate decoration of columns in grand hotels. When wire mesh is used for wall coverings an interesting and unexpected texture is developed, which creates intricate designs and visually intriguing compositions. Paired with focused lighting, whether from above, behind, below, or head-on, the architectural quality metals interact with the light in captivating displays.

Banker’s wire mesh is made with the highest quality materials to ensure a visually consistent appearance. Copper-based alloys like brass, bronze, and copper add warmth and color to a design, whereas stainless steel casts a cool, neutral tone. For further options, Banker offers the addition of secondary finishes like decorative plating, anodized aluminum, and powder coating to add extra splash of color and depth. With patterns ranging from fine screens to bold weaves, wire mesh interior cladding can create a soft, subtle backdrop, or command the attention of everyone in the room. The possibilities are endless.

Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Texture for Interior Design
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh for Interior Cladding for Restaurant Bar Texture

Texture & Light

The reflective characteristics of architectural wire mesh helps accentuate your organic materials such as wood and glass materials in interior designs.  The highly faceted surface of the wire mesh both absorbs and reflects the colors of its surroundings, adding texture and depth to the striking design.  With so many wire mesh patterns to choose from, creating unique sensory experiences on vertical surfaces is easy to do.

Feature Walls – Wire Mesh for Interior Cladding

Using wire mesh as wall cladding and integrating with furniture is a visually intriguing way to elevate interior designs. Banker’s wide range of patterns and colors offers a mesh to suit every design style, from subtle accents to bold statement pieces. When combined with woodwork and other materials, wire mesh’s adaptability brings both the best to life. As a result, architects, interior designers, and contractors are incorporating wire mesh into their designs to harness the timeless feeling it provides.

Architectural wire mesh adds a unique texture to walls to act as a centerpiece, feature wall, or an alternative to wallpaper.  It definitely adds a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Choosing a tightly spaced mesh verses an open mesh can be all that is needed to change the ambiance within a space.

Banker’s broad selection of wire mesh makes an excellent choice for cabinetry and furniture. Unique designs and varying degrees of opacity add visual interest to a project while allowing full control over visibility. With the addition of secondary finishes, your wire mesh can be further tailored to coordinate with your aesthetic with Antique, Bright, and Satin Decorative Plating finishes, as well as many shades of Anodized Aluminum and Powder Coating.

Banker Wire Metal Architectural Woven Wire Mesh Wall Cladding Example
Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh for Wall Cladding
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Texture Accent for Stadium Interior Design

Wire Mesh is


When walking into a hotel or restaurant, the first thing the guest experiences is the atmosphere. The incorporation of wire mesh with natural materials provides an elegant and awe inspiring feel to your space your guests will remember. With a passion for weaving new inspirations into your hospitality interior design stories, we have established a strong presence in the industry as a professional & personable manufacturer that will work with you to get the attention getting look that will get your customers talking.

From different raw materials to an assortment of finishes: there are a number of wire mesh patterns to help you tell your story through interior design. From quoting your initial plans and design strategies to final delivery, the Banker Wire team will ensure that each project entails top-notch quality and precision.

Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Interior Design
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Texture Accent for Interior Design
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Elevator Lift Panel Restoration
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Texture Cabinets for Interior Design
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Elevator Lift Panel Restoration
Woven Wire Mesh for Elevator Panels

Lightweight Material

Architectural woven wire mesh is a lightweight replacement for existing cladding materials for renovation or restoration. Opaque patterns of wire mesh would provide a finished texture to elevator interiors while still keeping your maximum weight in mind. Whether you are outfitting a new elevator cab or modernizing an existing one, there are several light weight options available for installation.

Luxury interior design can appear in any style, from transitional to traditional, but they all have something in common: refined, thoughtful choices at every turn. The ability to expertly mix patterns based not only on color, but also texture is a hallmark of luxury interior design. Banker Wire woven mesh comes in various styles, textures, and finishes to complete the look you are designing for.

Custom pieces, including touches of Banker Wire, will give a sense of sophistication, elegance, and detail to elevate your design. The proper selection of finishing materials and refined décor will enhance your piece’s “wow factor .” In addition, the one-of-a-kind look of woven wire mesh integrated with your interior design will enhance the luxury experience.

Woven Wire Mesh for Elevator Panels
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Elevator Lift Panel Restoration
Banker Wire Woven Wire Mesh Bar Cladding for Interior Design