Opaque Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

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Notes: Product photography not to scale. Please download the woven wire spec sheet for more accurate size representation. Always confirm measurements with a physical sample. DF-006 – Architectural Woven Wire MeshDF-6
Transparency Model Specification Sheet

A unique dutch style weave with a twist.  Alternating the orientation of the flat top cross wires in the DF-6 wire mesh pattern creates unique visual and physical characteristics not duplicated in other patterns.  The DF-6 weave is fully opaque when viewed straight on, but increases it’s transparency as the viewing angle changes.  Also, by alternating the flat top wires (up then down) the wire mesh becomes very rigid making this pattern an interesting option for space dividers.  Both the front and back of this mesh pattern is symmetrical.

Pattern Details

Percent Open:0.0%

Overall Thickness:0.206

Crimp Style: PDFTZ

Aspect Ratio:11.80:1

Opening Limitation:0.060

Weight:2.31 lbs./sq. ft.


Available Raw Materials: Click here for more information on Raw Materials

Available Secondary Finishes
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DF-6 Photos