Avalon at Newton Highlands

Avalon at Newton Highlands

Newton, Massachusetts, United States

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Located in the upscale Boston suburb of Newton Highlands, Avalon at Newton Highlands—a newly-renovated multi-residential building—is defined by modern touchpoints. When modernizing the existing elevator cabs that access each of the residences, Massachusetts-based elevator cab interior designer, Elevator Interior Design turned to Banker Wire’s DF-6 architectural wire mesh in stainless—an opaque woven wire mesh pattern that provides a sophisticated aesthetic on-par with the design scheme of the complex-at-large.

Realizing Avalon’s promise of ‘living up’ to modern living standards via a contemporary design scheme, DF-6’s simultaneous sleek and durable characteristics are achieved by alternating the orientation of the flat top cross wires in the wire mesh pattern. Utilizing a unique play on a Dutch-style weave, DF-6 is symmetrical on both the front and back of the mesh pattern. The pattern’s opacity changes depending on the viewer’s angle; when viewed straight on, the pattern is completely opaque, but as the viewer changes standpoint, the mesh becomes more transparent. Similarly, by alternating the flat top wires—up and then down—the wire mesh becomes very rigid, making the pattern a durable solution for high-traffic areas. A credit to Elevator Interior Design’s innovative approach, the result is an elevator cab with a striking focal point for the resident’s journey to and from their apartment.

Project Fabricator:
Elevator Interior Design
Project Applications:
, Interior Cladding
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