Project Details

ArchitectThe Miller Hull PartnershipFabricatorL&M Industrial FabricationApplicationsRailingLocationTacoma, WA, US

UW Tacoma, The Tacoma Paper & Stationery Building

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The Miller Hull Partnership wanted to incorporate the building's rich history while integrating modern elements.

The Tacoma Paper & Stationery (TPS) Building, the University of Washington Tacoma’s last unrestored historic warehouse recently underwent a $28M renovation with the goal of bringing together disparate academic programs to create a truly interdisciplinary space. The design, led by The Miller Hull Partnership, aimed to maximize flexibility of interior elements and create clear and visible wayfinding throughout the building. One important component of this was Banker Wire’s LPZ-71 woven mesh, which was incorporated as a design element on the interior staircases.

“Banker Wire's LPZ-71 woven mesh is an elegant, modern and light take on industrial metal meshes, and provided a great choice for honoring the building’s history,” said Zubin Rao, Project Architect at Miller Hull. “Most of the other products we looked at were too clunky and obviously industrial-looking. The Banker Wire product line was much more varied, and we were able to find a very tightly spaced, modern-feeling rectangular patterned mesh that worked well with other signature design pieces in the building.”

After Banker Wire’s LPZ-71 was specified by Miller Hull, L&M Industrial Fabrication, an AISC-certified fabricator specializing in innovative industrial, structural and civil projects, obtained large sheets of the wire mesh to laser cut, bend and shape to fit their frames. “Ultimately the material far exceeded our expectations on how it bent,” said Nick Slyter, Project Manager at L&M. “We were able to do precision press work on it. Now, whenever we have a mesh project, Banker Wire is what I push.”

LPZ-71 woven wire mesh in stainless steel is a beautiful compliment to the TPS building.Railing infill panels by Banker Wire are seen here in the UW Tacoma TPS building.LPZ-71 wire mesh allows for uninterrupted sight lines with it's free-floating appearance.With a delicate balance of diameter and spacing, LPZ-71 was the ideal product to accomplish the architect’s intent, which was to give the railing infill panels a “free floating” appearance.