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ArchitectNAC ArchitecturePhotographyBen Benschneider PhotographyApplicationsRailingLocationSeattle, WA, US

Hazel Wolf K-8 STEM School

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FPZ-10 Mid-Fill wire mesh offers safety and security for students.

Hazel Wolf K-8 STEM School is a “Choice School” in the Seattle area. The school puts an emphasis on environmental science and the design of the building underscores the core education goals of the program. The innovative curriculum uses the environment around the students as a lens to focus their studies on E-STEM (Environmental, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects. The new 78,000 square foot school is built on a 3.2 acre site that functions as indoor and outdoor learning labs.

Throughout the school and grounds, Banker Wire’s FPZ-10 mid-fill wire mesh pattern is used as railing infill. As a strong and simple pattern, FPZ-10 is as functional as it is beautiful. The simplicity of the pattern blends in with its surrounding environment, further enhanced by the mesh’s perceived transparency allowing nearly uninterrupted sight lines and light. FPZ-10 offers safety and security to the students of Hazel Wolf while limiting distraction from the learning environment.

About Banker Wire
Banker Wire is the world's leading woven and welded wire mesh manufacturer for architectural and industrial applications. From intricate design highlights in architectural environments to large-scale industrial applications, the company's scalable operations ensure every mesh job is precisely manufactured according to the specifications of each order. Durable, sustainable, and available in thousands of patterns, wire mesh is the ideal medium to satisfy any project regardless of its function or aesthetic. Founded in 1896, Banker Wire's state-of-the-art facility in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, employs proprietary equipment and processes refined for over a century, bringing unmatched customization, variety, quality, and service to customers globally.

Banker Wire's FPZ-10 wire mesh is transparent enough to limit distraction of the learning environment.Used as railing infill, FPZ-10 wire mesh also acts as a divider to separate learning labs.The simplicity of the FPZ-10 wire mesh pattern blends in with its surrounding environment.