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ArchitectHOKApplicationsRailingLocationBaton Rouge, LA, US

LSU Student Recreation Center

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The versatile look of Banker's L-62 was a perfect fit as railing infill.

Following a three-year renovation and expansion plan, LSU University Recreation’s (UREC) new Student Recreation Center reopened with enhanced facilities for fitness, wellness, aquatic and outdoor adventure. The 250,000-square-foot facility, designed by HOK, utilizes Banker Wire’s L-62 woven wire mesh as infill panels for the extensive amount of railing used through the facility.

The versatile look of Banker Wire’s L-62 high-definition lock crimp appeals to both restoration and new-build projects. The unique crimp features straight sections of wire with highly defined crimps at the points of intersection, lending itself to a smooth appearance to complement the sleek design of the recreation center. Providing strength and durability, this woven wire mesh pattern is ideal for withstanding heavy use and providing substantial fall protection. The large percent open are of L-62 also gives various areas of the UREC separation without completely blocking line of sight.

“The challenge was finding a guard infill stout enough to not deform from use; in recreation centers railing is often an impromptu stretching station, and thin enough for a visual transparency design goal,” said Gene Lund, Project Architect at HOK. “It was a fine line, specifying a railing infill material that was opaque enough to act as a safety component but transparent enough to maintain clear lines of sight with visual appeal. We fell in love with Banker Wire because of the company’s breadth of options, and we were able to find the perfect mesh profile - ultimately building a railing system that is both elegant and durable.”

Designed around a philosophy promoting “healthy building for healthy bodies,” the new UREC facility is designed to capture the attention of students.HOK tapped Banker Wire for a wire mesh pattern that would fit with the recreation center's design.Strong and durable, L-62's smooth appearance lent itself well to custom railing.Banker Wire's L-62 can blend seamlessly with it's environment from common areas to recreation zones.The large percent open area of L-62 allows for uninterrupted sight lines throughout the facility.