Wire Mesh For



Barriers with elegance.

Wire mesh railing infill panels are sections of wire mesh that fill in the open area of a hand rail system. These segments add an extra layer of protection to railings, preventing people and large objects from passing through the space. The openings of wire mesh, whether it is woven or welded, allow the railings to enhance a design without obstructing lines of sight, light, or airflow.

Banker is able to offer reliable wire mesh for railing infill panels that is as sturdy as they are eye-catching. Choose from thousands of woven or welded wire mesh patterns that can be customized to fit your vision. With additional fabrication and system options, your infill panels can reach you ready to install. From educational and cultural settings to residences and businesses, wire mesh is a classic addition to architecture and interior design.

Stairs, Balconies, Pathways, and More

No matter where you are, chances are high that there are railings nearby. Lining stairwells, surrounding balconies, edging pathways, bordering bridges, encircling patios, and more, railings can be found extensively in architecture. The simple concept of a low height barrier is adaptable to suit a variety of needs. When paired with wire mesh railing infill panels, the construction becomes equally beautiful and functional, offering deterrence, fall protection, space division, and more while also adding timeless elements to a design.

Wire Mesh In Education

Modern design trends have gravitated towards broad, unbroken expanses of space. In facilities like schools and colleges, where attendees will spend most of their day in a closed space, the feeling of openness is vital. With the unique feature of customizable open area in wire mesh railing infill panels, designers can create definitive barriers to define spaces without sacrificing the open qualities they strive for.

In grade schools especially, visibility is a necessity. With uninterrupted sight lines, students can feel a larger connection to those around them, losing the feeling of isolation. The visibility is also beneficial to teachers and staff, making it easier to monitor students and ensure communication abilities. Wire mesh railing infill panels easily facilitate this, providing secure barriers around balconies and stairs without obstructing visibility.

Wire Mesh Railing Infill
for Sports & Recreation

For institutions that offer space for sports and physical activities, multipurpose utility is essential. A room may need to house a game, a class, a workshop, and more all within the same day. Wire mesh railings support this versatility by outlining individual areas, directing movement, and maintaining an open environment.

The openness of wire mesh makes it an ideal material for this environment. The open sightlines allow for unobstructed lighting in common areas, visibility for fans during games, and a sense of community among athletes. More tangibly, the openings also promote airflow and ventilation. Moving air, whether interior or exterior, helps keeps those being active cool and keeps the air around them fresh.

Wire Mesh in the Home

Home design takes inspiration from many genres: minimalist, French, mid-century, farmhouse, and more. The array of available patterns of wire mesh at Banker Wire makes it adaptable to every design, from classic elegance to modern industrial. With so much variety, wire mesh can be a subtle accent, highlighting and adding texture to space or a bold statement, demanding attention and contributing to or defining the theme of the room.

Functionally, wire mesh railing infills serve many purposes. Customization of spacing and size can satisfy any building code, creating barriers that are robust and secure for all members of the family. For residential exteriors, wire mesh railings can conceal areas like decks and patios from outside eyes or allow open visibility of the surrounding landscape from balconies and rooftops.


In bars and restaurants, wire mesh railings allow customers to enjoy a social atmosphere while keeping to their own space. The visibility through these barriers enables venue owners to create unique small spaces within large public areas, keeping up with open and inviting themes.

Wire mesh railing infill panels are excellent for exterior use as well, making it possible to enjoy the atmosphere of an establishment while taking in the surrounding environment. Patrons can enjoy the community, open air, natural light, and a fresh breeze while ensuring traffic to the restaurant finds the right entrance.

Wire Mesh in Commercial Spaces

In business, design goes hand in hand with functionality. Visual appeal is essential, as it sets the mood, atmosphere, and style of a company. For many customers, the outward appearance of a business is the first introduction they receive, setting expectations of how a company represents itself. Wire mesh railing infill panels can dramatically impact this appearance or subtly support a company’s style.

Banker supplies wire mesh that not only enhances aesthetics but is also exceptionally functional, all at the best value. Adaptability means that our wire mesh can meet all business and building codes. In addition, architectural grade materials reinforce the standards of safety and durability, ensuring that your wire mesh will stand up to daily wear and tear and maintain the best performance.