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ArchitectZimmer Gunsul FrascaFabricatorColumbia FabricationApplicationsRailingLocationLos Angeles, CA, US

UCLA Center for Health and Services

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 Well lit by the aboundance of southern California sunlight, the stair tower used a custom wire mesh pattern as railing infill material.

A former hospital, the 12-story UCLA South Tower was converted to a research laboratory facility to keep up with the school’s research and educational programs. The building underwent exterior upgrades along with a newly-designed and glass-enclosed stair tower that is regularly well-lit by the abundance of southern California sunlight. Banker Wire worked with ZGF Architects LLP to create a custom mesh railing infill for the South Tower building on UCLA’s Center for the Health Sciences (CHS) complex.

ZGF Architects envisioned wire mesh that would maximize openness without diminishing the strength of the railing infill material. The infill needed to be built to specifications for safety, transparency, and aesthetics. Banker Wire immediately began developing the tooling required to create the perfect pattern to complement the high-performance, ultra-clear glass curtainwall.

The resulting product: M55Z-2, a brand-new mesh pattern. M55Z-2 woven wire mesh is a rectangular 5-wire repeat infill with a high percent open area. Its long, straight sections of wire are interrupted by a smooth and gentle crimp that make way for intersection points along the woven mesh pattern repeat.

Additionally, M55Z-2 architectural wire mesh is resistant to the elements, maintaining its pristine look indefinitely despite wind-driven rain or humid air. The South Tower utilizes natural ventilation to save on energy costs and was designed for LEED Platinum certification.

Banker Wire infill finishes off a stairway that mirrors the sophistication of the research performed at this facility.The M55Z-2 woven wire mesh is a beautiful rectangular 5 wire repeat pattern with a high percent open area.Banker Wire mesh allows for the transmission of natural light in this glass enclosed stair tower.The transparency of the railing infill creates a layered aesthetic between levels on the stiarway.