Large Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

The M55Z-2 was created specifically for a designer's architectural wire mesh railing infill panel project.  Following the designer's lead, Banker Wire was able to create tooling to crimp and weave exactly how it was envisioned for the project.  Five individual wires transition from a smooth plain crimp shape into a long rectangular straight section.  Visually the mesh pattern jumps back and forth from dense and open.

Pattern Details

Percent Open:68.5%

Overall Thickness:0.210

Crimp Style: 5L5LZ

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Opening Limitation: 0.900

Weight: 1.21 lbs./sq. ft.

Available Raw Materials:
stainless materialplain-steel materialweathering-steel material
Click here for more information on Raw Materials Available Secondary Finishes:
PlatedPowder Coat
Click here for more information on Secondary Finishes
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