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DesignerKoetter Kim & Associates Inc.FabricatorBerlin SteelApplicationsRailingLocationNew Haven, CT, US

Yale University

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Yale University

The Rosenkranz Hall building located on Yale University campus is designed with a large open atrium that allows an abundance of natural light to fill the space. Banker Wire stainless steel mesh pattern M13Z-145 was chosen to outline each floor and staircase as railing infill panels.

The M13Z-145 wire mesh is framed using the stainless steel Versatile Spine frame system. The V-Spine frames were customized to suit the designers preference of maintaining a slim profile and connect to a painted perpendicular flat bar without any visible mounting hardware. The versatility of the V-Spine frames provided the solution with a "Key" and "Keyhole" mounting approach. The frame's spines were cut with "Keys" or bump outs every so often around the perimeter to be inserted into "Keyholes" or notches that were laser cut into the perpendicular flat bars. The dry fitup allowed Berlin Steel to make a non-welded connection that satisfied the design requirements.

The Rosenkranz Hall building utilized the wire mesh pattern M13Z-145. M13Z-145 is a large scale, three wire, rigid cable patterned after traditional european designs intended for architectural woven wire mesh. The long aspect ratio of M13Z-145 differentiates very clearly the vertical pattern from the horizontal. M13Z-145 is strong and is also available in many different finishes. For more information on M13Z-145, click here.

Yale UniversityYale UniversityYale University