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ArchitectLHB Corp.FabricatorTrueNorth SteelApplicationsRailingLocationSuperior, WI, US

Superior High School

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The large percent open area and sleek design of Banker Wire's M13Z-7 woven wire mesh pattern allows the railing infill panels to blend in with surroundings while adding a decorative texture to the space.

Superior High School (SHS) in Superior, Wisconsin has undergone a $60 million renovation and expansion project thanks to a $92 million referendum. The project includes a three-story addition that houses a new common area and around 60 classrooms, a gym addition, a Performing Art Center, new media center, and a new band room.

Throughout the new three-story academic building, Banker Wire’s M13Z-7 framed in Banker’s Versatile Spine is used as railing infill panels. Both M13Z-7 and the Versatile Spine framing were manufactured in Stainless Steel.  M13Z-7 is a rigid cable and intercrimp hybrid wire mesh pattern that maximizes the percent open area by using a set of 3 intercrimp fill wires. The large percent open area and sleek look allows the infill panels to blend with the modern aesthetic of the surrounding building while adding a unique texture. Banker’s Versatile Spine framing is a modern framing style using a three-layer laminate system to capture the wire mesh. Versatile Spine is highly customizable in scale and shape and the laser cut design offers many options.

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Superior High School in Superior, Wisconsin underwent a major renovation and expansion project and used Banker Wire's M13Z-7 framed with Banker's Versatile Spine in stainless steel as railing infill throughout the new three-story academic building.The design and large percent open area of Banker Wire's M13Z-7 woven wire mesh pattern provides uniterrupted sight lines while still providing the safety and sturdiness of railing infill.Banker Wire's Versatile spine framing a a modern framing style that is highly customizable.