Studio City RGB-Lit Waterfall Sculpture and Projection Screen

Studio City RGB-Lit Waterfall Sculpture and Projection Screen

Studio City RGB-Lit Waterfall Sculpture and Projection Screen

Studio City, Los Angeles, California, United States

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The Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles was established along with the prominent movie studios during the early 20th century. In one of its high-end apartment complexes, a new water feature created with Banker Wire architectural wire mesh emphasizes the connection between Studio City and the movie industry and provides a canvas for multimedia entertainment.

The 150,000-square-foot Grand Vista apartment complex caters largely to members of the movie industry. With that in mind, designer and fabricator ARTBOX construction Inc. created a waterfall feature on which the residents of its 125 luxury apartment units can play videos or slideshows while enjoying the outdoor surroundings of the complex. At other times, the waterfall simply provides a relaxing enclave in the midst of a busy neighborhood.

Banker Wire architectural woven wire mesh creates a delicate curtain of water that acts as a projection screen. The M13Z-247 architectural wire mesh used for the installation is composed of long, straight sections of horizontally oriented wire, woven together with tight groupings of three vertically oriented wires. M13Z-247 architectural wire mesh is a small scale, rigid cable mesh, yet is very flexible at length and has true cloth-like characteristics in one direction. The waterfall is translucent when not in use as a projection screen, and the mesh and water filter natural light, together creating the sound of rain that brings a sense of tranquility to the space.

This feature was designed to be environmentally friendly by using low voltage electricity, high-efficiency equipment and recycled water. Banker Wire architectural wire mesh is composed of 80 to 85 percent post-consumer and 12 to 18 percent pre-consumer recycled steel.

Project Designer:
ARTBOX Construction Inc.
Project Fabricator:
ARTBOX Construction Inc.
Project Applications:
Space Dividers & Displays, Art & Signage
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Studio City RGB-Lit Waterfall Sculpture and Projection Screen