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DesignerStuart AllenApplicationsArt & SignageLocationSan Antonio, TX, US

San Antonio River Walk

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Banker Wire woven wire mesh was powder coated in five different colors for this installation.

Stuart Allen was one of eleven artists selected by the San Antonio River Foundation to enhance the beauty of the city's iconic River Walk. Allen is a visual artist whose work deals with fundamental elements of perception such as light, time, gravity and space. He has works throughout the US and abroad. For this project, Allen required material that was both storm and weather resistant. It needed to be the perfect balance of wire spacing and diameter, as Allen was challenging the boundaries between art and architecture. Allen selected a stainless steel wire mesh manufactured by Banker Wire as his medium to apply his artistic expression: M13Z-179.

Banker Wire recommended M13Z-179 architectural wire mesh because it is a versatile wire mesh lending itself well to diverse architectural considerations. It has a rigid cable weave and is available in copper-based alloys, aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel.

Allen’s minimalist suspended panel installations entitled 29° 25' 57" N / 98° 29' 13" W and 29° 26' 00" N / 98° 29' 07" W under the twin underpasses at McCullough and Brooklyn Avenues create a flickering, vibrant illusion and appear to shift and morph with changing patterns of texture and blocks of natural color for the passing visitors as their perspectives shift.

The permanent art displays are 40' x 10' installations consisting of 300 24" x 48" individual, suspended, stainless steel panels - each enclosing five layers of woven, architectural mesh. The three inner layers of mesh are treated with powder coated color finishes offering the illusion. A total of 2,400 square feet of stainless steel wire mesh was used.

As visitors walk along this installation, the woven wire mesh appears to change colors because of shifting perspective.Banker Wire rushed samples to the designers of this unique installation.Banker Wire woven wire mesh offers complete customization, and the company is willing to work side-by-side with artists to achieve their vision.Banker Wire is committed to achieving their customers' design visions.A total of 2,400 square feet of stainless steel architectural mesh was used in the installation.