Arizona Centennial Way Celebration

Arizona Centennial Way Celebration

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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For Arizona’s centennial celebration in 2012, a major and revitalizing streetscape-renovation project was undertaken in order to help beautify an arterial road connecting the downtown area to the Arizona capitol. The project, “Centennial Way”, honors Arizona’s 100 years of statehood by transforming the imperative roadway with wider sidewalks and crosswalks, enhanced street and pedestrian lighting, as well as benches, canopies, and displays that feature historical and cultural information about Arizona’s counties. Among the numerous cultural displays, a “Tribal Walk” is one featured stopping point, paying homage to Arizona’s 22 Native American Tribes.

In the “Tribal Walk” Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern S-4 was utilized, in stainless steel, was selected to the backdrop for the displays on “Centennial Way.” The mesh is incorporated through the structure, providing a decorative surface that also acts as attachment points for the displayed information. This demonstrated Banker’s exclusive embossing technology. Completely cold-formed during the crimping process, the material transitions from round, glossy surfaces to highly faceted satin surfaces throughout the process. This heavy and dense wire mesh pattern will accentuate any project and add intricate details throughout the project.

Project Designer:
Waibel & Associates Landscape Architecture
Project Fabricator:
CAID Industries
Robb Williamson
Project Applications:
Art & Signage
Building Types:
Landscape, Government, Arts & Culture

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