M13Z-247 Stainless Woven Wire MeshM13Z-247 wire mesh waterfallM13Z-247 woven wire mesh in Brass and stainless steelM13Z-247 woven wire mesh waterfall feature


Fine Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

The M13Z-247 small scale, three wire, rigid cable architectural wire mesh offers many interior or exterior design applications. Very flexible at length, this material has true cloth like characteristics in one direction.

Pattern Details

Percent Open:51.0%

Overall Thickness:0.154

Crimp Style: PS3PZ

Aspect Ratio: 8.47:1

Opening Limitation: 0.100

Weight: 1.16 lbs./sq. ft.

Available Raw Materials:
stainless materialbrass materialbronze materialss-brass materialss-bronze material
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