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DesignerRockwell GroupFabricatorFerra DesignsApplicationsSpace Dividers & DisplaysLocationNew York, NY, US

Peak Restaurant, 30 Hudson Yards

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Banker Wire's SPZ-52 woven wire mesh pattern in bronze used as an interior space divider within Peak Restaurant.

Peak, a new dining concept located on the 5th and 101st floors of 30 Hudson Yards.

Designed by Rockwell Group, Peak, which includes the 5th floor lounge, and the 101st floor main dining room, bar, and PDRs—is defined by luxurious simplicity consistent with Rockwell Group’s interiors for Edge, located directly below the restaurant. Underscored by minimalist yet warm metallic accents, a key design highlight is Peak lounge’s custom decorative divider screens, created using Banker Wire’s SPZ-52 wire mesh in a bronze finish. The custom screens along with the light smoked oak and soft, mirrored polished champagne metal define the elegant 5th floor lounge. A sculptural host stand, a circular stone and warm metal art piece and plush furniture round out the elevated, transporting experience of visiting Peak.

As stated by Richard Chandler, Studio Leader at Rockwell Group, in a May 2020 interview with Hospitality Design, the design team “...explored designing a space that was transformative from day to night, felt congruent with being atop of a modern 21st-century skyscraper, and was future-forward in its thinking, yet still expressed a sense of elegance, warmth, and sophistication.”

The focal-point wire mesh divider screen, created using SPZ-52, was fabricated by Ferra Designs—a collaboration that epitomizes the fabricator’s philosophy of ‘building beautiful things’ with fellow craftspeople. “Although the majority of our projects are inherently creative, the true defining factor that fortifies their legacy is the integrity of the materials incorporated,” says Robert Ferraroni, President/CEO, Ferra Designs. “When the highly-acclaimed architecture firm Rockwell Group specified Banker Wire’s bronze woven wire mesh to be interlaced with our metalwork, our team was excited to collaborate. Showcasing Bankers' woven mesh within our custom metalwork increased the visual value of the lounge interior.”

SPZ-52 is a unique fine-scale, rectangular woven wire mesh pattern that can be woven in a wide range of alloys. Crushed warp wires and gently-formed cross wires create intricate detail when the mesh is viewed from up-close; when the viewer’s perspective is from afar, the end-result is a transparent, metallic skin-like appearance. When lit with a light source—like in this lounge and bar screen application—additional striation-like patterns are created, depending on the diffusion of the light, and where it hits the mesh. Similarly, on one side of the lounge and bar screen, the wire mesh was fabricated into a wave-like form, creating additional movement. The result is a lounge area that quite literally ‘glows.’

Ferra's collaboration with Banker Wire pays homage to impeccable craftsmanship, and an inherent love of authentic materials. “The success of our collaboration at Peak reinforces ingenuity in the quality of American manufacturing,” adds Ferraroni.

The stunning SPZ-52 in bronze by Banker Wire is features as a unique and beautiful space divider within Peak Restaurant at 30 Hudson Yards.Peak Restaurant inside 30 Hudson Yards, in New York City, uses Banker Wire's SPZ-52 woven wire mesh in Bronze and a stunning and unique interior space divider.An photo of Banker Wire's SPZ-52 in bronze being installed into the space divider for Peak Restaurant.An photo of Banker Wire's SPZ-52 in bronze being installed into the space divider for Peak Restaurant.