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ArchitectSTUDIOS ArchitecturePhotographyTom MinieriApplicationsLocationNew York, NY, US

Project Worldwide Headquarters

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Project Worldwide's New York headquarters uses Banker Wire's S-51 in bronze as part of the amenities space bar.

In designing the New York City headquarters for creative agency Project Worldwide, STUDIOS Architecture sought industrial, yet refined materials to realize their pared-back, industrial chic design scheme. Banker Wire’s S-51 architectural woven wire mesh pattern is one such material used to achieve this aesthetic, providing an elegant mesh profile for both the kitchen bar and wall divider screen applications in the amenities area of the new office space.

Upon entering the seventh floor amenities space, a hospitality-inspired bar replete with a bookmatched black marble backdrop is revealed. Fabricated within the bar display cabinet doors, Banker Wire’s S-51—specified in a bronze finish—provides a lustrous, rich accent while simultaneously celebrating the duality of grit and refinement that defines space.

“We were seeking a metal mesh that had an industrial yet elevated look-and-feel, in a bronze that would patina over time—coinciding with our desire to create an elegant and textural environment,” says Jordan Evans, Associate, STUDIOS Architecture. “The refined nature of the mesh, in contrast to the exposed structure and concrete floors, provided the aesthetic tensions we wanted for the space.”

Also within the amenities area, STUDIOS Architecture relied upon Banker Wire’s S-51 to create a mesh screen wall divider—specified as a material that was simultaneously able to blur the back-of-house corridor while further adding to the space’s refined-but-moody, industrial look. Contrasting the warm wood elements, concrete floor, and refined detailing of the room, S-51’s uniquely flattened crimp at the wire mesh intersections—a sturdy pattern with a dense, smaller open area—creates a textural, but glamorous touchpoint. Taking cues from the industrial post-process of “calendering,” the manufacturing process of S-51—refined by Banker Wire’s special tooling and proprietary crimp design—allows total control over the production of the wire mesh, making it the perfect option for such architectural applications that require both form and function.

Celebrating Project Worldwide’s experiential brand, the STUDIOS Architecture team created a sophisticated, yet relaxed atmosphere by utilizing highly-functional, authentic contemporary design materials that will age gracefully. Banker Wire’s specification within the high-traffic amenities room—an area serving multiple purposes of working, relaxing, eating, and socializing—exemplifies the versatility of wire mesh in commercial applications and its reliability in achieving the high/low aesthetic that defines much of contemporary design.

Used as a space divider, Banker Wire's S-51 in bronze adds warmth to the Project Worldwide New York headquarters.