The Hansom

The Hansom

London, United Kingdom

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The Hansom, located within the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London, is considered the “ultimate destination bar” in King’s Cross. It once provided the cobbled driveway of the original King’s Cross rail station, but now is a place to have small gatherings with friends and colleagues, or host a large-scale wedding.

Inside of The Hansom, the bar and a dividing ‘green wall’ use Banker Wire’s LPZ-71 in brass. The color of the brass blends well with the surrounding brickwork of the St. Pancras walls and evokes a sense of modern design in the historical building. While LPZ-71 has a lower percent open area and works well as a space divider, it still allows light transmission to keep the open feeling of the space while providing a sense of separation.

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Space Dividers & Displays
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