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DesignerRockwell GroupFabricatorDCLPhotographyOTGApplicationsSpace Dividers & DisplaysLocationHouston, TX, US

“Q” Restaurant

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Design by Rockwell Group, the decorative wire mesh restaurant displays are reminiscent of brewery kettles.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas is a crucial hub in United's global network. OTG completely re-imagined the dining and retail experience at the airline's terminals. This redesign included the addition of 8 new restaurants inspired by local Houston chefs and flavors.  One such restaurant, named "Q," features Banker Wire's pattern P-97 in their imaginative wire mesh display shelves.

Greg Gatlin of Gatlin's BBQ developed the airport's new establishment. The barbecue restaurant offers fresh-smoked meats crafted with signature rubs from their custom-built smoker. Along with the Houston dining experience, the restaurant boasts a unique bar designed by Rockwell Group and expertly fabricated by DCL (Design Communications Ltd.).

In true Texas fashion, bigger is always better. The vast structures at the bar, reminiscent of brewery kettles, display the selection of beverages for travelers. The curved lines and forms of the constructs are a one-of-a-kind example of wire mesh display shelves. Banker's P-97 provides backing to the grand frames. The decorative wire mesh appears to flow around the illuminated architecture in copper and stainless steel. Inlaid lighting reflects the warm tones of the material on each shelf. This effect complements the matching copper-colored pipes that adorn each kettle.

P-97 is a fine plain crimp woven wire mesh with a 45% visual open area. This density creates a seemingly solid but semi-transparent wall behind the shelves. As a result, the material ensures security for the bottles without sacrificing an open atmosphere. The tight-knit weave also allows for a painted mural of the state in the seating nook, further welcoming visitors to Texas.  The large scale, bright copper tones, and modern aesthetic of "Q" ensures that travelers can't miss the airport restaurant and bar combination.

Banker Wire's beautiful P-97 fine woven wire mesh adds refinement and sparkles in the overhead lights.One of the decorative wire mesh 'kettles' being put together.P-97 decorative wire mesh painted and used inside one of the 'kettles'.'Q' Restaurant is located inside the United terminals at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.