Fine Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

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Notes: Product photography not to scale. Please download the woven wire spec sheet for more accurate size representation. Always confirm measurements with a physical sample. P-097 – Architectural Woven Wire Mesh Plain CrimpP-97
Transparency Model Specification Sheet

P-97 is a small scale plain crimp wire mesh pattern. This material reflects highlights from all directions with a smooth, cool wash of light.  Plain crimp wire mesh is characterized by a smooth “Untouched” flowing wire woven in a gentle over/under repeat. There are hundreds of other plain crimp patterns available at Banker Wire. Call us to explore your options.

When specifying a copper, bronze, or brass P-97 wire mesh pattern, it is required that a stainless steel warp wire be used in conjunction with the copper based fill wire alloy.  The stainless steel wire as the warp wire creates a more architectural quality wire mesh pattern.  The blending of the two alloys within a single wire mesh pattern creates a subtle color mix that is very unique.  The carmel, yellow, or red color of the bronze, brass, and copper wires reflect off of the smooth shiny stainless wire enhancing the presentation with changing intensity depending on the viewers angle.


Pattern Details

Percent Open:45.0%

Overall Thickness:0.094

Crimp Style: PLPL

Aspect Ratio:1.00:1

Opening Limitation:0.096

Weight:1.04 lbs./sq. ft.


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Available Secondary Finishes
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