Notre Dame of De Pere

Woven wire mesh pattern I-188 is nearly transparent from a distance, but provides stability and security.

Notre Dame of De Pere

De Pere, Wisconsin, United States

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Notre Dame of De Pere is a grade school and middle school located in De Pere, Wisconsin that has undergone a massive redesign. When a facility study revealed that the previous buildings needed extensive work, GROTH Design Group was called on to design a new building, merging both schools in to one 90,000 square foot facility.

Featuring three stories, the stairwells and guardrails of Notre Dame of De Pere were an important consideration in the design process. Needing railing infill that would provide support, security, and durability, GROTH Design Group selected Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern I-188 with a Banker U-Edge Frame in plain steel. While I-188 boasts a simple square weave design, this pattern is well-suited for high traffic areas requiring both form and function.

“Banker Wire provided a great variety of options for consideration during design and provided the look desired to make our guardrail design distinctive.” states Pete Schneider of GROTH Design Group.

With the large percent open area of I-188, the wire mesh is nearly transparent at a distance while still providing a canvas that lends itself to the purposeful wayfinding colors throughout the school. The railings infill panels are painted to match each dedicated color of the surrounding level: raspberry for the first floor learning zones, cerulean for the second floor, and green for both the third floor and common area. The corelating colors make navigating the school much easier for the young students of Notre Dame of De Pere.

“The mesh pattern met the code requirements while providing a unique, refined look,” Schneider says. “The ability to paint the panels allowed us to incorporate into our wayfinding design by each stairwell guardrail incorporating a unique color.”

Project Architect:
GROTH Design Group
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MathFab LLC
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Woven wire mesh pattern I-188 is nearly transparent from a distance, but provides stability and security.