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DesignerThe Brown StudioFabricatorFlur MetalsApplicationsLocationEncinitas, CA, US

Hygeia Lot 3

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The blend of stainless steel and brass shifts in appearance based on perspective.

When envisioning the Hygeia Lot 3 single family residential home in Encinitas, California, Lindsay and Rory Brown of The Brown Studio sought to weave unique architectural details throughout the minimalist design scheme. To add depth to the overall look and feel of the space, and to complement the home’s existing ‘hard’ angles, the team selected Banker Wire’s IPZ-25 woven wire mesh. Specified in a stainless steel and brass finish, the wire mesh was utilized to create the interior stairway railing, which functions as the focal point of the lower lounge room area.

Adding an elegant touchpoint to the space, the wire mesh reiterates the angular look and feel while providing much-needed depth through the stainless steel and brass finish. Similarly, for the project-at-large, the design team favored a seamless indoor/outdoor design scheme, with the Banker Wire mesh application helping to achieve this; the exterior of the home features Gabion rock walls, created using an enclosing wire structure to secure the rocks into a wall formation. By adding the wire mesh interior stairway railing, the design team was able to create an indoor/outdoor connection through highlighting these unique wire touchpoints.

“The Hygeia Lot 3 house is full of unique angles and architectural details—it's two levels of playful design and carefully crafted architectural details,” says Loryn Cook, Designer, The Brown Studio. “We wanted to use materials that reflect this line of thinking, and Banker Wire’s architectural mesh provided the stability and breathability we were after.”

The simple, lightweight material of the IPZ-25 wire mesh pattern—which has a 54% open area—utilizes a mixture of stainless steel to achieve balanced sturdiness; when mixed with the copper-based alloy of brass, a beautiful contrast occurs, while the team’s custom system holds the wire in place. Through utilizing different wire diameters for the warp and shute—achieving balanced stiffness in both directions—the intercrimp surface gives the material a high degree of reflective energy. As a result, the mesh pattern imitates an array of colors that changes as the viewer moves throughout the space.

“For this project, we wanted a material that was permeable enough to see through, but detailed enough to catch the eye,” adds Cook. “IPZ-25 provides a myriad of different textures and colors, depending on the perspective from which it is viewed from—we love it specifically for this effect.”

In regards to the fabrication process, Robert Richter, Owner of Flur Metals, notes that although it was initially a challenge, this project is proof that the outcome is well worth it.

“We typically utilize more rigid mesh types for this kind of application, but because of how unique IPZ-25 is, The Brown Studio came to us asking if we could make it work,” says Richter. “We did not shy away from the challenge; this project was exciting, as we were able to utilize such a delicate, beautiful mesh, but a non-traditional way. Once one side was ‘tac’d in,’ we pulled it tight, and ‘tac’d’ the other side to the frame. Then, the border was welded to another frame that sandwiched the mesh in place,” adds Richter. “This application is proof that it can be done! It’s still one of my favorite projects we have ever worked on.”

The wire mesh infill of the stairway railing adds to the unique decor.The facets of IPZ-25 allow for a different aesthetic based on the lighting.Banker Wire's mesh played the part of railing infill and space divider in this home.The delicate weave allows for light to pass through while still maintaining a presence.