Project Details

ArchitectZGF ArchitectsFabricatorSynergiApplicationsSpace Dividers & DisplaysLocationBethesda, MD, US

4747 Bethesda

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The woven wire mesh screen spans three floors of this workspace.

To provide a show-stopping lobby experience in commercial office building 4747 Bethesda, located in Bethesda, Maryland, ZGF Architects created a dramatic staircase feature wall utilizing Banker Wire mesh pattern SZ-4 in stainless steel and copper.

“In regards to the wire mesh finish, the combination of the copper and stainless steel is not only unique, but sophisticated,” says Ruben Quesada, designer, ZGF Architects “The high quality of the material warrants a front-of-house application; this mesh should not be hidden.”

The reception desk of the lobby is set against the backdrop feature wall comprised of Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire mesh, fabricated by Synergi. Spanning three stories—from the lobby to the above two office floors—the wire mesh flanks the ceremonial staircase, creating a glamorous focal point that underscores the sophisticated design scheme of the building-at-large.

“When designing the lobby, the transparency of SZ-4 was a key factor in our decision-making process,” adds Quesada. “Essentially, we wanted a mesh that was transparent enough to see the other end of the lobby, but still provide enough mystery as to who was walking behind it. This single characteristic allowed us to lean on the wire mesh as the main material and focus of our design.”

A very strong, multipurpose pattern, SZ-4 is suitable for such divider screen and stairway railing applications—providing value through its simultaneous aesthetic, structural, and safety abilities. Giving credence to the notion that first impressions count, 4747 Bethesda’s striking wire mesh lobby staircase feature wall provides building inhabitants with an elevated design experience.

The open area of SZ-4 allows visibility on both sides of the wire mesh.