SOA Office

SOA Office

Columbia, Missouri, United States

Products Used

Simon Oswald Architecture mission is to enhance lives through architecture and interior design. They implemented that philosophy in their own office through the use of Banker Wire architectural wire mesh. With help from Banker Wire, Simon Oswald Architecture created a woven mesh sign that embodies the company’s identity.

Banker Wire mesh, combined with an innovative Banker Wire frame, forms a corporate identifier that symbolizes Simon Oswald Architecture’s commitment to progressive design. Banker Wire created a design that incorporates two runs of five 44″ x 84″ mesh panels, which are suspended in tension from ceiling-to-floor with stainless steel cables. The sign component, fabricated of a sandwich of two sound absorbing panels, occupies the space in between the two panels of woven wire mesh – creating an open feeling and providing acoustical control without obscuring the SOA logo. Glass-walled conference rooms and offices help to reduce visual barriers in the main workspace. Banker Wire SJD-4 woven wire mesh creates that same transparent feeling between the reception area and the nearby offices.

SJD-4 woven wire mesh offers “variable pitch,” meaning that designers have complete control over the weave’s appearance. With a given crimp “Pitch” (wire pocket), the designer creates the frequency of the weave and determines the distance between wires – controlling density, percent open area and pattern. With this weave, SOA found the perfect pattern for their design and performance goals.

The spaces relies on the Banker Wire Bolted Tension Spine. This three-layered system includes an inner spine and two outer frame covers that are bolted together, securing the wire mesh without welding. Its subtlety and thinness fits with SOA’s overall design, while its strength ensures a durable solution.

Project Architect:
Simon Oswald Architecture (SOA)
Project Applications:
Space Dividers & Displays, Art & Signage
Building Types:
Office & Workplace

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