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ApplicationsArt & SignageLocationPigeon Forge, TN, US

Hard Rock Cafe

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The Hard Rock Café has had a restaurant in Eastern Tennessee for more than 14 years. It announced the move from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to nearby Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in February 2014. A desire for a larger space and free parking motivated the relocation, but the move also prompted the restaurant to present a more contemporary look in its new space. To that end, a new exterior sign, made with Banker Wire mesh, combines a modern look with the restaurant’s familiar logo.

Designers of the space specified woven wire mesh to serve as a modern backdrop to the familiar Hard Rock Café logo featured on the exterior sign. General contractor VWCA Construction, Madisonville, Tennessee, directed them toward Banker Wire.

The Banker Wire S-15 architectural woven wire mesh was chosen as the backdrop for the iconic Hard Rock Café sign. S-15 flat wire mesh pattern is inspired by the many who have asked for a "basket weave." Weaving with flat wire as opposed to round wire changes the visual characteristics of the wire mesh. A lower percent open area is easier and in most cases easier to obtain. Additionally, the broad surface area of the flat wire can capture the warmth of surrounding room lights and colors. For this project, the S-15 pattern’s wide flat wires, crimped in continuous waves, reflects the Hard Rock Café’s neon sign's light to help the exterior exude excitement.

Banker Wire S-15 woven wire mesh was hoisted 40 feet in the air for its installation. The undulating stainless steel wire further illuminates the neon of the Hard Rock Café’s sign, beckoning to tourists and visitors alike to come and enjoy Eastern Tennessee’s very own Hard Rock Café.

Hard Rock Café’s 12,000-square-foot building seats 302 guests and offers a private event space and a live music stage. The Pigeon Forge Hard Rock Café opened in May 2014.


Banker Wire S-15 mesh was hoisted 40 feet in the air for this installation.Banker Wire S-15 mesh provides a new edge to this classic logo. The S-15’s wide flat wires, crimped in continuous waves, reflects the neon sign’s light to help the exterior exude excitement.