Large Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

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Notes: Product photography not to scale. Please download the woven wire spec sheet for more accurate size representation. Always confirm measurements with a physical sample. S-015 – Architectural Woven Wire MeshS-15
Transparency Model Specification Sheet

A flat wire intercrimp wire mesh pattern that really grabs light and reflects it in a most beautiful and unique way.  Inspired by a turn of the century home restoration project that we did where this sort of mesh was commonly used as radiant water heater grilles,  this mesh is classic in both the old and modern design spaces.  Alternative spacing and pattern options are possible.

Pattern Details

Percent Open:51.1%

Overall Thickness:0.150

Crimp Style: E3E3

Aspect Ratio:1.00:1

Opening Limitation:0.940

Weight:1.47 lbs./sq. ft.


Available Raw Materials: Click here for more information on Raw Materials

Available Secondary Finishes
PlatedPowder CoatUS10AUS10B
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