Catch Steak Incorporates Banker Wire in their Vibrant Atmosphere

July 20, 2023

Banker Wire S-15 for interior design accents in restaurant

Catch Steak is a high-end restaurant that serves premium steak and seafood dishes in a stylish and trendy setting. The restaurant is renowned for its vibrant ambiance, modern decor, and celebrity clientele. Catch Steak is known for incorporating unique flavors and presentations that appeal to customers looking for a luxurious dining experience. Catch Steak is known for its chic decor, creating an upscale and trendy atmosphere. The restaurant's design typically features a contemporary and sophisticated look with elements of modern elegance.

The warm, intimate restaurant features rich wood and blackened metal accents interspersed with moments of lush greenery and garden-like spaces. Envisioned by the Rockwell Group and Millwork, the Banker Wire S-15 lends its aesthetic in the Antique Copper and Dark Oxide plated finishes to add to the atmosphere.

The interior design is sleek and modern, often incorporating polished surfaces, plush seating, and artistic lighting fixtures. These design choices contribute to the upscale feel of the establishment. Inspired by the industrial history of NYC's Meatpacking District and the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of Los Angeles, this location combines classic steakhouse motifs with a lighter, brighter style.

Designer: Rockwell Group
Fabricator: Nobel Cabinetry and Millwork
Photography: Wonho Lee

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