Griffin Middle School

Banker Wire FPZ-16 architectural wire mesh railing infill panels

Griffin Middle School

The Colony, Texas, United States

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In The Colony, Texas, the new Griffin Middle School campus was designed with modern education in mind, focusing on small learning communities within the school, as well as spaces for larger group gatherings. Spanning over 180,000 square feet over two stories, the high-traffic areas require durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily school activities. Included in those materials is Banker Wire’s architectural pattern FPZ-16, used as wire mesh railing infills.

Designers chose FPZ-16 for both its sturdiness as well as its aesthetic benefits. The iconic curved glass front of the building, as well as the numerous broad windows, create an airy atmosphere in the school’s main hall. To continue this trend, FPZ-16’s 66.5% open area enhances the open concept design, providing a strong barrier to ensure the safety of the students without obstructing the flow of natural light.

The stainless steel finish of the wire mesh railing infills, u-edge frames, and rounded handrails composes a cohesive structure that compliments the other surrounding materials; wood paneling, tile, and brick. The polished silver tones of the railings reflect the brilliant lighting, bringing an additional luster to the space. With the combination of flat top and plain crimp wires, the highlights and shadows of FPZ-16 develop a texture and depth that shifts with the viewer’s perspective.

Many areas of Griffin Middle School feature Banker Wire’s mesh, the most prominent being the grand staircase seating combination in the main common area. Though the wire mesh infill panels’ frames align with the slope of the stairs, the mesh itself sits parallel to the steps, adding visual interest to the application. In addition, the accompanying wire mesh railings across the school follow the same format, both in the auxiliary staircases as well as across the second-floor balconies, promoting uniformity throughout.

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Banker Wire FPZ-16 architectural wire mesh railing infill panels