41-07 42nd Street

41-07 42nd Street

New York, New York, United States

Products Used

The elevators at 41-07 42nd Street service six floors of residents in this Queens, New York neighborhood. Originally built in 1936, the 60,000 square foot building required updating to meet today’s modern aesthetics. In keeping with this idea, the fabricators at United Cabs, Inc. utilize Banker Wire’s DS-1 as wire mesh elevator panels, covering the lower section of the cab’s walls. The decorative metal mesh serves two purposes: style and structure.

Creating a subtle texture, the delicate ridges of DS-1’s flat-faced wires complement the pale wood veneer panels. Light bounces off the silver-toned face of each wave, brightening the cab’s interior. The stainless steel of the wire mesh elevator panels adds definition to space, making a distinct separation between the upper and lower sections. Interwoven horizontal straight wires section each of the vertical flat wires into square shapes, giving the architectural mesh a checkerboard-like appearance. The highlights and shadows of the woven wire mesh accentuate this characteristic.

The framed wire mesh elevator panels are as functional as they are beautiful. Making up the lower sections of the walls, the material is subject to stress above and beyond common wear and tear. Both daily activities, as well as tenants moving in and out, require the material to be sturdy. Tightly woven in an opaque style, DS-1 is robust, dense, and durable. In stainless steel, the wire mesh will be a long-lasting addition to the elevators.

Project Fabricator:
United Cabs, Inc.
Project Applications:
, Interior Cladding
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