166 Geary Street

166 Geary Street

San Francisco, California, United States

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In San Francisco’s upscale Union Square district, 166 Geary Street stands tall with 16 stories of commercial and office spaces. The 1907 Grace Building boasts many classic design features, brought to life with modern renovations honoring the building’s history. When updating the 100-year-old elevator cab, the designers at Unique Elevator Interiors selected Banker Wire’s M33-2 in bronze to create a new unique style that puts the inner workings of the shaft on display while remaining true to the vintage elegance of the building.

Due to its advanced age, the elevator cab needed a complete overhaul. Unique Elevator Interiors crafted entirely new cab shell walls with Banker Wire’s mesh, keeping the original dome to retain the ornamental design. The rich bronze tones of M33-2 imbue the cab interior with warmth, complimenting the star-patterned metal backing of the ceiling’s filigreed corners.

“We wanted to see if we could update the design of the cab and still make it look classic,” states Duane Bolt of UEI. “We knew Banker Wire and their woven wire mesh would be a great fit.”

Chosen for both its sturdiness and opacity, woven wire mesh pattern M33-2 was built into the frame of the cab, making up the majority of the visible structure. With its 9.2% open area, the wire mesh creates a slightly transparent façade, allowing glimpses of the elevator shaft and mechanics beyond. The flat-faced basket weave adds texture to the surrounding walls with both glistening highlights and deep shadows. Both durable and dazzling, Banker Wire’s M33-2 plays a defining role in the striking redesign completed by Unique Elevator Interiors.

Project Designer:
Unique Elevator Interiors
Duane Bolt - Unique Elevator Interiors
Project Applications:
Restoration , Millwork & Cladding
Building Types:
Office & Workplace

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