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March 18, 2016News Release

Banker Wire Launches New Website: A Visual Showcase and Detailed Interactive Catalog of Wire Mesh Products


MUKWONAGO, WI — MARCH 18, 2016 —Banker Wire, the worldwide leader in the manufacture of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications, has launched the new The site is the most comprehensive guide for wire mesh products available anywhere. At the core of the new site is a comprehensive mesh pr... Continue reading

February 19, 2016News Release

Woven Metal Mesh Proves Ideal Material for Rooftop Stairway Enclosure at New Delta Toronto Hotel


MUKWONAGO, WI—FEBRUARY 19, 2016—Situated in the heart of the city and overlooking Lake Ontario, the new Delta Toronto Hotel is a contemporary and convenient hub for out-of-town guests – not to mention, a new city landmark. Its 46-story glass tower adds a sleek accent to the Toronto skyline. To complement the hotel’s tower, Page + Steele/IBI Gr... Continue reading

December 10, 2015News Release

Banker Wire Mesh Performs Elegantly in Chicago Luxury High-Rise Apartment


MUKWONAGO, WI—DECEMBER 10, 2015—After a year of design renovations, a unit in a well-known high-rise apartment building in the heart of downtown Chicago has received a makeover – in part thanks to Banker Wire’s architectural mesh. The apartment features the most luxurious of amenities, and the design team at Becker Architects was faced with th... Continue reading

October 27, 2015Press

Sierra Nevada Brewery a “Showpiece”


MUKWONAGO, WI—OCTOBER 27, 2015—With design accents from Banker Wire, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company recently opened its much anticipated Mills River Taproom and Restaurant in Mills River, North Carolina. The taproom features 23 beer taps and a chef-inspired menu with beautiful interior elements parallel in appeal. Banker Wire provided the brewery w... Continue reading

September 28, 2015Press

Banker Wire Mesh Sculpture Highlights the History of Seattle’s South Lake Union Neighborhood


MUKWONAGO, WI—SEPTEMBER 28, 2015—In the heart of Seattle, the recently revitalized South Lake Union neighborhood now boasts everything from top-notch dining to the brand new Amazon headquarters.  As one of the fastest developing neighborhoods in the state of Washington, South Lake Union has also added luxurious living, recreational and artistic s... Continue reading

May 20, 2015Press

Banker Wire Mesh Outfits New Pedestrian Bridges for Easier Commuting in the Dulles Corridor


MUKWONAGO, WI—MAY 20, 2015—Commutes between Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia are famously arduous. Thanks to the new Dulles Corridor Metrorail Silver Line, those routes have gotten significantly easier. The route currently runs to fast-growing areas outside of Washington, D.C., including Tysons Corner, and will eventually provide a direct r... Continue reading

March 24, 2015Press

SOA Office Space Receives a Custom Design from Banker Wire


MUKWONAGO, WI—MARCH 24, 2015—Simon Oswald Architecture strives to enhance lives through architecture and interior design. With help from Banker Wire, they implemented that philosophy in their own office – creating a woven mesh sign that embodies the company’s identity. Banker Wire mesh, combined with an innovative Banker Wire frame, form a cor... Continue reading

February 5, 2015Press

Banker Wire Mesh Helps Tennessee Hard Rock Café Begin Next Act


MUKWONAGO, WI—FEBRUARY 5, 2015—When the Gatlinburg, TN, Hard Rock Café announced its move to nearby Pigeon Forge, they let the community know that the restaurant would not only be expanding, but refreshing its image. An exterior sign with Banker Wire mesh combines a modern look with the restaurant’s familiar logo. The Hard Rock Café has had a ... Continue reading

January 14, 2015Press

City Center Comes Together Under Banker Wire Mesh


MUKWONAGO, WI—JANUARY 14, 2015—Aggressive revitalization and community development projects have transformed Greenville, S.C. into one of America’s best downtowns, according to Forbes Magazine. A shade structure in its new ONE City Plaza, composed of Banker Wire mesh, embodies the city’s identity and encourages passers-by to enjoy the public s... Continue reading

November 19, 2014Press

Architect Designs Rustic-Modern Dream Home with Banker Wire Mesh


MUKWONAGO, WI—NOVEMBER 19, 2014—Architects tend to have more specific visions of their dream homes than other homeowners – and Greg Buchheit, a principal with Architectural Remodel & Contracting, Saint Charles, MO, is no exception. He and his wife, Amanda Buchheit, aimed to align their staircase’s railing with their home’s overall aesthe... Continue reading

October 21, 2014Press

Banker Wire Mesh Brings Tropical Aesthetic to Manitoba’s Club Regent


MUKWONAGO, WI—OCTOBER 21, 2014—For more than two decades, Club Regent has brought the essence of Las Vegas to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Featuring Banker Wire woven wire mesh, the new state-of-the-art Club Regent Event Centre continues in that tradition with its ability to seemingly magically transform to suit almost any entertainment or conference event... Continue reading

September 29, 2014Press

MSU Spartans Store for Success with Banker Wire Mesh


MUKWONAGO, WI—SEPTEMBER 29, 2014—In 2013, Michigan State University’s football team won every single game played at Spartan Stadium. This year, the players will grab their gear from lockers featuring Banker Wire mesh before walking onto the field that saw so many victories. Colleges and universities increasingly rely on state-of-the-art faciliti... Continue reading

June 24, 2014Press

Marriott Waterfront Reinvents Restaurant and Lounge with Banker Wire Mesh


MUKWONAGO, WI—JUNE 24, 2014—Apropoe’s, the new restaurant at Baltimore’s Marriott Waterfront, gives hotel guests and Baltimore residents a place to work and relax. Its contemporary design combines dining, lounge, meeting and bar areas in one great room-style space, divided into semi-private sections by Banker Wire mesh. Apropoe’s opened in A... Continue reading

June 11, 2014Press

Banker Wire Releases New Architectural Catalog


MUKWONAGO, WI—JUNE 11, 2014—Banker Wire, the world’s leading manufacturer of woven wire mesh, announces the release of an updated catalog, which includes new products. The new catalog showcases Banker Wire’s ability to produce an endless variety of woven wire mesh patterns and manufacture mounting systems. As the world’s wire mesh authority,... Continue reading

June 10, 2014Press

Banker Wire Branches into Sculpture at Community College


MUKWONAGO, WI—JUNE 10, 2014—Creativity. Vision. Inspiration. Those words – and many others – hang from Banker Wire mesh on the “Tree of Success” sculpture at Fox Valley Technical College. They not only reflect the characteristics that FVTC students associate with personal success, but also describe the design process of the unique sculptur... Continue reading

May 8, 2014Press

World’s Tallest Observation Wheel Features Banker Wire Mesh


MUKWONAGO, WI—MAY 8, 2014—The world’s tallest observation wheel opened in Las Vegas on March 31. Railings featuring Banker Wire woven wire mesh guide visitors onto the 550-foot High Roller, which takes them on 30-minute rides high above the Las Vegas strip. The High Roller is the centerpiece of the LINQ, a Caesars Entertainment shopping and ente... Continue reading

April 14, 2014Press

Banker Wire Provides Building Design Solution for Northwestern Mutual


MUKWONAGO, WI—APRIL 14, 2014—Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has expanded into a brand new, modern office space – in a building that is nearly a century old. The company completely renovated the interior of Milwaukee’s Van Buren building, built in 1926, and Banker Wire woven wire mesh now clads ... Continue reading

March 12, 2014Press

Military Chooses Banker Wire Metal Mesh for Naval Hospital Parking Garage


MUKWONAGO, WI—MARCH 12, 2014—The new Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton serves members of the military in a healing and calming environment – from the moment they arrive on the hospital’s campus to the moment they leave. A four-story parking garage, featuring Banker Wire metal fabric railings and partitions, helps establish this calming environment... Continue reading


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