New Project: 41-07 42nd Street

New York Elevator Features Banker Wire's Architectural Wire Mesh DS-1

September 15, 2021

The elevators at 41-07 42nd Street service six floors of residents in this Queens, New York neighborhood. Originally built in 1936, the 60,000 square foot building required updating to meet today’s modern aesthetics. The fabricators at United Cabs, Inc. utilize Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern DS-1 a metal wall cladding on the lower panels of the elevator interior.

The decorative metal mesh serves two purposes. The light-reflecting stainless steel helps define the space while also protecting the lower section of the walls from damageCreating a subtle texture, the delicate ridges of DS-1’s flat faced wires compliment the pale wood veneer panels. Light bounces off the silver-toned face of each wave, brightening the cab’s interior. The interwoven horizontal straight wires section each of the vertical flat wires into square shapes, giving the architectural mesh a checkerboard like appearance. The highlights and shadows of the woven wire mesh accentuate this characteristic.

DS-1 is a robust woven wire mesh pattern that is well suited for wall cladding applications.  The dense weave is durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. This makes it an excellent choice for high traffic areas like elevators interiors.

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