New Project: Chubby Noodle Restaurant

Woven Wire Mesh Fronts Restaurant Bar

June 22, 2021

Chubby Noodle is a restaurant in San Francisco, California serving locally sourced Asian-fusion comfort food. Remodeled from an American style bar and restaurant, this 400 square foot establishment now boasts a rich midcentury modern inspired look. Bronze tones populate the space, from the curved metal bars separating the booths to the bar front clad in bronze wire mesh.

Chosen for its visual density, wire mesh pattern S-16 creates a durable façade across the front of the bar without losing the aged characteristics of the dark wood. The unexpected use of the decorative bronze mesh compliments the overall aesthetic of the restaurant, adding an industrial touch to the vintage décor. When lit from above, the many facets of S-16 create highlights and shadows under the countertop, adding depth and interest to the bar wall.

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