New Project: Spaces at the Dillon

Woven Wire Mesh Featured in Warehouse Revitalization

May 20, 2021

As part of a revitalization plan for the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, idGroup Dallas was tasked with creating a new creative environment for coworking office building, Spaces at The Dillon. Inspired by the district’s deep warehousing and manufacturing history, to honor the former Dillon Supply building’s original purpose, the design team incorporated salvaged industrial design elements into the space. Seeking to elevate the interior while keeping with the industrial look-and-feel, Banker Wire’s FPZ-16 architectural woven wire mesh was utilized as a stairway railing throughout the high-traffic workspace area, located on the 9th and 10th floors. Specified in plain steel, FPZ-16 was painted black to provide a dramatic contrast to the polished concrete floors and thin brick.

“The FPZ-16 wire mesh was a perfect fit for the overall design aesthetic, complementing the other materials such as brick, metal, iron and glass,” says Greg Holcomb, Design Director, idGroup Dallas. “Banker Wire provided the perfect product for the space—one that lends itself to the industrial aesthetic of the high-ceilinged room, helping to pay homage to the original building’s historical purpose.”

Composed of a flat top warp and a plain crimp fill, FPZ-16 is a large-scale mesh with a 66.5% open area, making it a suitable option for all types of architectural applications. Combining two different crimping styles, FPZ-16 has rectangular openings more than three times as long as they are tall. Although this pattern’s high percentage open area is evident, when the pattern is viewed from the below, ground floor angle, the wire mesh appears more tightly woven. The wire mesh is fabricated within Banker’s U-edge frames, which are installed parallel to the slope of the staircase. As such, the lines formed by the mesh pattern—fabricated in an orientation that is parallel with the Earth—contrast the diagonal lines of the U-edge frame. This layering of lines and contrast in directionality provides an important sense of textural detail to the expansive, open space.

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