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DesignerAstonMorrone DesignsFabricatorZen Custom HomesApplicationsSpace Dividers & DisplaysLocationCalgary, AB, Canada

Willow Park Showhome

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Banker Wire's M22-83 woven wire mesh in Stainless Steel and Brass adds warmth and elegance to the modern kitchen in the Willow Park Showhome.

Banker Wire’s architectural woven mesh is a key design element in the Willow Park Showhome, built by Zen Custom Homes and designed by AstonMorrone Designs. Utilized in two separate applications within the home—as a wall divider in the office, and as a statement kitchen island feature—the designer relied on Banker Wire’s M22-83 wire mesh pattern to create visual separations that allow the light to pass through, without impeding the flow of the open-planned space.

Acting as a statement kitchen counter partition, M22-83’s stainless steel and brass finish brings warmth to the expansive, open kitchen. Fabricated within a red maple-colored wood frame, the wire mesh creates a dividing screen by connecting the bottom of the kitchen counter with the wood ceiling accent above, which spans the length and width of the counter. When lit by the kitchen ceiling lighting source, M22-83 is brought to life; created using a pair of nested helical crimped woven wires to define the circular mesh shape, this pattern’s doubled circle mesh creates unique reflective surfaces, allowing the light to pass through the mesh in varying ways. Similarly, this combination of stainless steel and brass gives off a colorful, luxurious aesthetic, where the depth and movement of the contrasting woven wires—of silver and gold tones—dynamically change as the viewer’s perspective shifts. In addition to creating a striking, statement background for the lights to reflect off of, this wood-mesh divider installation directs the line of sight towards the outside view of the home’s backyard.

The double woven nature of the M22-83 pattern gives strength to this weave, making it a suitable option for a screen wall or space divider. The wire mesh application within this showhome office space acts as a partition that visually divides the front foyer while doubling as the back of a shelving wall. With the goal of creating a space that can be used as a flex-room or a working studio, the design team prioritized having natural light and a connection to the rest of the home. The Banker Wire mesh allows the sound and light to pass from the peripheral spaces through the length of the office space, with the trees in the transom windows located in the front foyer visible from behind the wire mesh divider wall. Additionally, the stainless steel and brass finish mirrors the wood millwork accents within the space, further adding to the masculine aesthetic of the design scheme while providing contrasting texture.

Banker Wire's M22-83 woven wire mesh in Stainless Steel and Brass adds warmth and elegance to the modern kitchen in the Willow Park Showhome.The office in the Willow Park Showhome utilizes Banker Wire's M22-83 woven wire mesh pattern in Stainless Steel and Brass.