Ventana Big Sur

Ventana Big Sur

Big Sur, California, United States

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Ventana Big Sur, and Alila Resort, is an iconic resort located in the heart of California Central Coast’s breathtaking landscape. The intimate 59-room property recently underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation to re-imagine the luxury resort experience. As part of the renovation the resort’s restaurant, The Sur House, was refreshed with new furnishings and beautiful space dividers created using Banker Wire’s SJD-4 woven wire mesh pattern.

SJD-4 is a pattern that promotes a “Variable Pitch” concept in the Banker Wire manufacturing process. While the pitch, or wire pocket, is a set pattern, a designer can specify the frequency of the weave. This unique control of a wire mesh design allows a designer to play with the visual pattern allowing for a range of visual densities. The customization allows the designer to create the perfect mesh for their application. In the case of Ventana Big Sur, the increased transparency at the top of the space divider allows for uninterrupted sightlines to the stunning ocean views that surround the resort.

The frames around the mesh were created using just the center portion of Banker Wire’s versatile spine. The panels were powder coated and then were glazed into the window and door pockets by the millworker.

Project Designer:
Brayton Hughes Design Studios
Project Architect:
Ray Parks & Associates
Ventana Big Sur
Project Applications:
Space Dividers & Displays
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