Furniture Showroom in New York

Furniture Showroom in New York

New York, New York, United States

Products Used

This 6,500-square foot Midtown Manhattan showroom was recently renovated, inspired by the brand’s history. Banker Wire woven wire mesh is used as suspended screens throughout the space distinguish between the various sections of the showroom.

The M22-37 and M22-22 wire mesh were customized with a copper and stainless mixed alloy weave pattern to add metallic accents to the space.  The wire mesh acts as space dividers and adds a delicate, reflective metallic backdrop to the showcased Italian made furniture designs.   The high transparency of the wire mesh screen keeps the space with a feeling of openness while still creating boundaries from one display to the next.  Banker Wire created a simple yet effective top and bottom stainless steel laser cut bar assembly to firmly attach to the wire mesh sheets and allow them to be tensioned at the ceiling and floor.

Project Designer:
Patricia Urquiola Studio
Project Fabricator:
Banker Wire
Project Applications:
Space Dividers & Displays
Building Types:
Hospitality, Retail

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