Peloton Showroom Kiosks

Peloton Showroom Kiosks

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Peloton, a leader in fitness treadmills and bikes, has opened over 70 showrooms throughout the world. Many of these show rooms are smaller and located within large shopping centers for convenient access. These kiosks provide personal consultations to prospective customers among the hustle and bustle of busy mall activity.

These kiosks rely on creating a comfortable atmosphere for Peloton clients, without completely closing them off from the activity around them. Banker Wire’s M44-2, used in numerous Peloton kiosk showrooms, has a large percent open are that creates a private space while still maintaining a sense of openness. The unique plaid-like pattern of the M44-2 woven wire mesh adds a luxe contemporary feel to the space and compliments the sleek aesthetic of the high-end fitness equipment.

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