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Wire mesh fence and enclosures adds protective functionality with the elegance of design.

Using wire mesh for enclosures and fencing is a very practical way to separate, secure, and define spaces for both interior and exterior applications. Full-height mesh walls provide effective deterrents to protect areas from entry or prevent movement through unsafe areas. Incorporating wire mesh into the design of fencing and enclosures offers a unique advantage over other materials. While the strong woven or welded patterns are durable enough to stand up to high traffic and heavy wear and tear, the customizable open area of Banker’s wire mesh allows designers the benefits of visibility and unobstructed natural elements.

Welded Wire Mesh Outdoor Panel infill for Fencing


Banker is a leading name in the field of wire mesh fence.  The company takes pride in both quality and innovation. Banker Wire is regularly introducing new patterns of wire mesh, and creates thousands of options to chose from. The vast selection at Banker affords designers the ability to select a wire mesh most suited for their specifications and style. With all of these choices, wire mesh can be included in any category of architecture, from high-esteem government buildings to rustic barn enclosures.

Inside & Out

At first, it may seem like wire mesh enclosures and fencing belong in an exterior category. Many patterns are simple and practical with large openings.  These patterns lend themselves well to property fencing, bridge enclosures, gates, and more heavy duty exterior uses. Durable materials like stainless steel or weathering steel are ideal for this kind of application and both develop a protective coating that can stand up to tough climates and natural wear. In addition, the high percentage of openness of wire mesh provide unrestricted access to natural elements like sunlight and fresh air.  This characteristic allows exterior enclosures to be secure without being stifling. With a broad selection of products and a range of available materials and finishes, Banker also provides materials for interior enclosures that can utilize an even larger spectrum of wire mesh.

Simple to ornate, mid-fill and finely spaced woven wire mesh patterns can create the appearance of a semi-transparent screen. For interior spaces, this can serve well to separate and encapsulate spaces without causing a room to feel any smaller. This is an important asset for designers who want to fully utilize a room, maximizing both the spatial potential and the visual appeal. Offering many shades and colors using brass, bronze, and copper and Decorative Plating finishes, Banker can help to elevate the aesthetic of an interior application to new levels.

Wire Mesh IS


At the El Paso Zoo Cat Adoption Center, the wire mesh enclosure serves as both of physical barrier to protect the enclosed felines, as well as a virtual window for potential adopters to observe and interact with the animals. Though highly functional, the unique seemingly irregular repeat pattern of woven wire mesh SJD-2 also greatly impacts the aesthetic of the habitat, drawing attention with its visual appeal.

Welded Wire Mesh For Fences

Are you ready to transform your living space into a masterpiece of both functionality and aesthetic appeal? Banker welded wire mesh panels are crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring unparalleled strength and durability. Whether reinforcing a fence, creating a custom garden enclosure, or constructing a sturdy pet kennel, these panels provide a robust foundation that stands the test of time.

From landscaping to DIY projects, these mesh panels are a versatile companion. Create a stylish trellis for your climbing plants, divide your garden into sections, or even craft a custom storage solution for your garage – the possibilities are limitless! Constructed to withstand the elements, these panels resist rust and corrosion, ensuring they maintain their integrity through rain, snow, and sunshine.

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Wire Mesh Fence for Sports & Recreation

For institutions that offer space for sports and physical activities, multipurpose utility is essential. A room may need to house a game, a class, a workshop, and more all within the same day. Wire mesh railings support this versatility by outlining individual areas, directing movement, and maintaining an open environment.

The openness of wire mesh makes it an ideal material for this environment. The open sightlines allow for unobstructed lighting in common areas, visibility for fans during games, and a sense of community among athletes. More tangibly, the openings also promote airflow and ventilation. Moving air, whether interior or exterior, helps keeps those being active cool and keeps the air around them fresh.

Banker Wire Mesh enclosing soccer field at an athletic center
Banker Wire supplying SJD-7 woven wire mesh for a YMCA gym

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Up To Code

When it comes to security structures, strict guidelines often come into play when deciding which materials to use. We understand that each project requires special consideration. Building regulations, city ordinances, highway codes and more must all be factored into the construction of fences and enclosures. That’s why we focus on precision in our manufacturing. We make sure that your wire mesh meets your exact specifications, making it easier to keep your project code compliant.

With thousands of versatile patterns, Banker’s wire mesh is tailor made for your unique fence or enclosure. Our mesh designs are individual configurations of several aspects; crimp style, wire spacing, wire diameter, percent open area, opening limitations and more. Customization allows designers control over these specifics, adapting a specific style to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the best option for your wire mesh

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