No Vacancy Lounge

No Vacancy Lounge is a lounge inspired by Art Deco

No Vacancy Lounge

Portland, Oregon, United States

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Located in Portland, Oregon, No Vacancy Lounge is a modern and Art Deco inspired lounge. Offering high end champagne and bottle service, craft cocktails, and small eats, it is also the home to the Portland based nightlife and music collective, No Vacancy.

The lounge resides in the 100+ year old former McCormick and Shmick’s bar in the famed Henry Falling building. The design and atmosphere is heavily inspired by the rich and historic Portland nightlife of the previous tenant. Keeping with the 1930’s feel and nostalgia, the case work was preserved and rebuilt.

One of the main features of the No Vacancy Lounge is the stunning mezzanine that serves as the membership lounge called the “Plentitude Room”. The railing surrounding the mezzanine and along the stairs utilize Banker Wire’s unique SJD-5 woven wire mesh pattern in stainless steel.

“SJD-5 is a material that is truly Art Deco in that it is technical in nature, so much so that other woven wire mesh companies cannot manufacture it or match its technique.” says Jessey Zepeda of Z-Viz.

SJD-5 wire mesh pattern uses four different crimp styles to create a compelling mixture of textures and reflectivity. The wild differences between the wires allows the colored lights of the lounge reflect off each facet giving a sparkling and colored effect.

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No Vacancy Lounge is a lounge inspired by Art Deco